Our Happy Patients


Our patients discuss the amazing difference between working with other fertility doctors and finally meeting the doctors at the Center for Fertility and Gynecology. When they needed a new perspective, better technology, and more hope, they got it with Drs. Vermesh, Kalan, and Winkler.

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MOTHER NO. 1: Basically, the time for having a child was passing us by. And we weren't really noticing it, and finally we decided, oh, my gosh, we want to have a baby and it was a little later than most people. I'm in my 40s. MOTHER NO. 2: Our Junior was about two and a half years in the making before we came to the center and it was a long journey. And I think for most families that are trying to have their first child, they're not expecting it to be so difficult. MOTHER NO. 3: We had been seeing a fertility doctor in San Diego for approximately two years and we did three in-vitros there, and none of them took. And on our third in-vitro, the doctor the doctor told us that there was a less than 5 percent chance of us having a baby with my eggs. MOTHER NO. 4: Juliet came along easily in our lives and was a wonderful blessing. We were thrilled when we had her. And when it was time to get a little sibling for her, that was not happening so smoothly. MOTHER NO. 5: At all the other places we've been to it seemed as if they'd given up hope on us. FATHER NO 4: We didn't come here first. We went to other places where we were greeted with skepticism, apathy-- MOTHER NO. 4: Lack of commitment, lack of resolve-- FATHER NO. 4: Lack of aggressive technique. Pretty much lack of everything. And as a result, we had lack of a baby. MOTHER NO. 1: So, we went, we found a doctor - not Dr. Vermesh - and that place was in Beverly Hills and in a very, you know, factory-- MOTHER NO. 4: By then we'd kind of been around the block a few times and were a little bit bruised by that and really needed the extra support and encouragement. MOTHER NO. 5: He looked through my entire record and he said, "I don't buy that you can't get pregnant." And thus began our journey, here. FATHER NO. 5: Proof. MOTHER NO. 5: Yes. MOTHER NO 6: It's like deep in your DNA that you want a baby. And the option of not having that is overwhelming. So you just have to put your faith in somebody. And for us it was Dr. Vermesh. MOTHER NO. 4: I felt like he was fighting along side us, and wanted Max as much as we wanted Max. FATHER NO. 1: He just is like a dad. MOTHER NO. 1: So personal and-- FATHER NO. 1: very. Very comforting. MOTHER NO. 2: When we came here from day one, it was so different. We just felt very comfortable. I felt like I could ask anything. I felt like we weren't just another statistic. MOTHER NO. 4: It didn't matter if there was a waiting room filled with patients. If we were in distress, he always had time to talk to us day or night. MOTHER NO. 6: His staff was amazing. All the nurses, I felt welcomed. And I felt that they understood. MOTHER NO. 1: I used to call the nurses at all hours and they would give me advice. I just don't know why you would want to go to somewhere cold and kind of-- you know, rock star, give me your money when you could come somewhere and have people invested and really care and tailor things to you. MOTHER NO. 4: I honestly believe that we wouldn't have had Max without his help and his sheer genius. So, we are grateful. We are truly, truly grateful. FATHER NO. 1: It was a great feeling when she was born. I was like, "Wow. What a wild ride." MOTHER NO. 1: We just needed a little help. MOTHER NO. 2: I really attribute our miracles to the whole care we received from everybody here. MOTHER NO. 1: That's our story, and here's our result.