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Tamara Testimonial


Tamara discusses the emotional roller coaster involved in her pursuit to become pregnant. Her experience with Dr. Winkler was incredibly positive and now she and her husband are expecting!

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TAMARA: My husband and I were trying to have a baby, oh, I would say coming on to two years. The first year on our own and the second year-- well, after the first year, I said to my husband, “We need some help.” So, that’s when we made the move to come and see Doctor Winkler, who when I walked in the first day, I just fell in love with her. Yeah, she’s a beautiful woman. And from that point onwards, it was probably a process of another year. It’s something that you have within yourself and a woman wants to bear a child as a natural feeling with hormones and things that a man doesn’t understand, really, so it becomes frustrating for us because we feel that the men are not supporting us, maybe as much as we would like. It was extremely emotional, stressful, and I guess, for me, I could say it put me in a really lonely-- probably, the best way I could describe it is empty feeling. Just to know that you’re trying to have a baby, plus to-- I’m over 35, so my time for a woman, we can cut-- we’ve got a clock ticking. But yes, just an empty feeling, so and then, my husband couldn’t understand. So, all these emotions, if you're tough and I think and I believe the more stressed you get the more it has an affect on how-- for you to get pregnant. The whole staffs here are amazing. There wasn't a day that I didn't come in to get checked up or whatever that I didn’t actually-- you know, I started feeling excited to come and it's like a little outing for me to come see my friends. Every single one of them made myself and my husband feel so welcome, they made me feel relaxed and the most important thing I think -- she made me feel that everything was okay and there wasn't one problem or emotion for me to feel that she didn't make me feel like, that's okay. I'm almost seven months pregnant and I get a lot of reaction. It's like, "wow", you know, you look cute, you look beautiful, you're this, you haven't-- you don't look like you're from the-- all of those things, which is amazing. How that makes me feel is just blessed. I feel my little girl, she's an angel. My husband is so proud of me, it just makes me feel every day I wake up and I owe-- I thank God. I-- thank you for giving me my angel. I'm so blessed. The first time I'm going to hold this little one, I can't even express-- because she's an angel. She's going to have my husband's beautiful big eyes, yeah. She's going to be beautiful.

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