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The Center for Fertility and Gynecology

Why The Center For Fertility?


When patients have exhausted their efforts to become pregnant, our doctors have more options. With extensive experience, the doctors at the Center for Fertility and Gynecology can help you start a family.

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DR. MICHAEL VERMESH: Patients have come here who have been desperate after having failed treatments elsewhere; who have been told that they would not be able to conceive with their significant problems. And we have been able to help many of those couples achieve their goal of getting pregnant. Our role is: One, to get them pregnant. But also, we really want to make sure that this process is done in a very comfortable and friendly way; that when they come here, they know our nurses, they know the personnel. And they definitely-- we try that way to decrease their stress and make it a very comfortable atmosphere. We have a vast amount of experience. Our center has been around since the inception of in-vitro fertilization. And because of that experience, we are able to not only effectively treat the more straightforward cases, but we have knowledge to draw on to also treat the more complicated cases. And that combination of the complicated and the more straight forward allow us to maintain an exceptional pregnancy rate and we can really revel in great success because of the combined knowledge we have over they years of treating people. All three of us are Board certified; all three of us bring our own expertise and knowledge. And we work harmonically together, which is very important. I think patients feel it. And we also consult with each other very frequently. Any difficult, we seek together and bring our minds and brainstorm of what we can do better. And each of us brings his own expertise with that. I feel really lucky to get to work with the doctors that I get to work with. There is a huge amount of experience that is impossible to get anywhere else. DR. MICHAEL VERMESH: Experience in medicine in general and infertility treatment in particular is of utmost importance. It provides a person not only the knowledge that comes from textbooks and studying in Universities but also the cumulative knowledge that comes from seeing over and over different problems and nuances that occur in diseases and in treatments. One of the biggest presents of life, I think, that procreation is one of our most strong instinct. And it's almost as strong as wanting to eat, drink or --. And when that doesn't happen it's extremely devastating. And be able to solve that with the help of our expertise in nature and everything that goes into it, there's nothing more gratifying and special than that. It's really special. You know, there's not many times in life where you get to relate to a person on a deeply profound level. What in life is more important than prolonging a family than having a child? And we get the opportunity to be involved with those very, very special moments for our patients. The moment that you find out that you're going to have a child is life altering; it gives you chills. And we're honored. We're absolutely honored to being part of that.

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