The state-of-the-art IVF laboratory within the Center for Fertility and Gynecology is equipped with some of the most advanced research technology and is run by renowned embryologists.

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DR. MICHAEL VERMESH: Our IVF laboratory, also called Assisted Reproductive Technology Medical Group or ART Medical Group is isolated from the medical setting. It was built specifically for the required function. It was built from the ground up, isolated, sound proof, and with filter system that allows for the cleanest air to be pumped into the laboratory setting so that the least amount of damage occurs to the very fragile eggs and sperm and embryos in our laboratory. We take pride in the results of our laboratory because of the quality of the embryos, the success rates that come from the laboratory, and have kept the location of the lab constant over the past many years. You know, not to alter any of the positive attributes that this laboratory enjoys. We enjoy the collaboration of top embryologists at our laboratory who also happen to be medical doctors, in addition to being top embryologists. So they have beyond the technical ability and a complete understanding of the clinical aspect of their work. The high success that we enjoy at our program is due in not small part to the meticulous work done at our ART Medical Group in the laboratory, by our top professional embryologists. Our lab is periodically inspected by the College of American Pathology, by the Food and Drug Administration and by other organizations. Inspections that are designed to assure that the quality control is maintained. Over the past 25 years, our laboratory has passed all those inspections with flying colors and with distinction.