Gonal F Vial Instructions

Necessary Materials:

  1. Medications (ampules or vials)
  2. Sterile saline (ampules or vials)
  3. Alcohol swabs
  4. One 3-cc syringe with 22g attached needle
  5. One 27½” needle (light gray)
  6. Snap off ampules cap to be used for a single dose (determined by the doctor)
  7. Draw up 1 cc of sterile saline into the 3-cc syringe.
  8. Sequentially inject the sterile saline into each ampule of powder and draw all of it back into the syringe once the powder dissolves.
  9. Once all medication is drawn up into the 3cc syringe, change the 1 ½ inch 22-gauge (gray cap) needle to the 1 ½ inch 25-gauge (blue cap) needle.
  10. Expel air bubbles.
  11. Administer according to instructions for IM (intramuscular) injection (90 degree angle).