Our Staff

Paula Hovell

Paula is our administrator and new patient coordinator and has many years of experience in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility. In fact, Paula has been with the Center for Fertility & Gynecology since its inception and has personally experienced the struggles and challenges of infertility. (Thankfully, she is blessed with twins who were conceived with the assistance of Dr. Michael Vermesh at The Center for Fertility & Gynecology). Having been a patient herself, with a profound understanding of infertility, fertility testing and fertility treatments, Paula is able to guide new patients through the process of beginning their journey through treatment at our Center. She is highly qualified to address concerns a new patient may have from preparing for an initial consultation, services provided at the center, scheduling/timing constraints for treatment, treatment costs and is available in person, by phone and email to answer most of your questions leading up to a consultation with our outstanding physicians. Paula is compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable and has outstanding communication skills. In addition to performing numerous tasks, Paula has excellent work ethics and plays an integral role in the management of our practice. She makes every effort to go above and beyond with the hopes that each patient’s experience at our Center is a positive one.

Contact information for Paula: Phone: 818-881-9800.
Email: paula@center4fertility.com

Connie Rodriguez

Connie is our front office administrative coordinator who has been in the medical field for 27 years and has been an integral part of our practice for 11 years. She has an in depth knowledge of most aspects of the practice including assisting in medical billing and patient care services. Connie is a native of Santa Barbara, California where she attended Santa Barbara City College to receive her CNA/PCT certification. She has also attended management training, taught by industry leading educators. Connie is dedicated to assisting patients through their infertility treatment and strives to perform all her duties with professionalism and compassion. Her cheery, kindhearted and upbeat attitude bring a breath of fresh air to our office.

Contact information for Connie: Phone: 818-881-9800.
Email: connie@center4fertility.com

Lily Llamas

Lily is our front office coordinator who greets each patient with infectious enthusiasm and a great smile. Lily has been with the Center since 2008 and is a certified medical administrative assistant. Lily is available to assist patients in scheduling appointments, verifying insurance benefits, checking in and out of the office and periodically will assist our back office staff. Lily’s positive attitude, wonderful sense of humor and outstanding work ethic make a huge difference in ensuring that each patient feels welcome and well taken care of.

Contact information for Lily: Phone: 818-881-9800.
Email: lily@center4fertility.com

Giselle Martinez

Giselle is our lead nurse and third party coordinator. She has been with our Center since 1999 and has over 16 years of experience in reproductive healthcare as a reproductive nurse. She is a certified medical assistant and with her vast amount of experience, Giselle is able to coordinate all egg donation and surrogacy cycles, involving multiple parties, while following specific FDA regulations and ASRM guidelines. Giselle is professional, extremely knowledgeable, kind and supportive. In addition, her friendly and calm demeanor are a wonderful attribute in making our patients feel at ease and comfortable through a journey that can be complex, emotional and trying. Giselle makes every effort to handle each egg donation/surrogacy cycle with the utmost of care and compassion and is available to assist egg donors and intended parents as they embark upon this journey.

Contact information for Giselle: Phone: 818-881-9800.
Email: giselle@center4fertility.com

Zenia Quintanilla

Zenia is a certified medical assistant who began her career with our Center in 2006. She joined our team as a shy and reserved young lady and now with 9 years of experience under her belt, Zenia handles all aspects of nursing care with confidence and professionalism. Zenia’s duties include assisting the physicians at our center, cycle coordination, medication administration, injection instructions, prescriptions, phlebotomy and obtaining consents. Zenia is caring, thoughtful and supportive. She feels passionate about assisting her patients as much as possible in fulfilling their dreams of become parents.

Contact information for Zenia: Phone: 818-881-9800.
Email: nurses@center4fertility.com

Julie Turner

Julie is a certified medical assistant who started working at our Center in 2010. With Family Practice experience, she swiftly immersed herself in the field of reproductive healthcare and proved to be a quick learner. Julie is well liked by all her patients as she makes it her mission to treat each patient with “TLC” (tender, loving, care). Julie’s duties include assisting the physicians at our center, cycle coordination, medication administration, injection instructions, prescriptions, phlebotomy, obtaining consents and of course helping patients as they journey through this emotional but exciting process. Julie’s positive attitude along with her gentle and calm demeanor make her a pleasure to work with and above all, she is dedicated to her patients.

Contact information for Julie: Phone: 818-881-9800.
Email: nurses@center4fertility.com

Angelina Aldama

Angelina is our financial and billing coordinator and has been with our Center since 1999. She joined our practice after working at Transamerica Occidental Life Insurance Company for over 20 years. With Angelina’s vast amount of experience, she works diligently to assist our patients with all financial and insurance matters throughout their treatment. Understanding that fertility treatments can be expensive and emotionally taxing, our center has developed affordable, low cost programs in the hopes of reducing the financial burden of infertility. Angelina strives to explain each patient’s options clearly and guide them through the process of selecting the program most appropriate for them. In cases where infertility benefits are provided through insurance, Angelina works vigorously on behalf of each patient in an attempt to obtain insurance payment for covered services. Angelina makes every effort to be sensitive and compassionate, realizing the financial stress that can accompany fertility treatment.

Contact information for Angelina: Phone: 818-881-9800.
Email: angelina@center4fertility.com

Our team, at the Center for Fertility & Gynecology is dedicated to taking care of each patient, both new and returning, like they are the only patients we have. We strive to make that a reality for every patient, in treating them each day and each moment that they are in our office, as our #1 priority.