What to Expect After the In Vitro Fertilization Procedure

Do you have questions about Invitro Fertilization and the days and weeks after the actual procedure?

At the Center for Fertility and Gynecology we help couples become loving parents through several conception methods, including in-vitro fertilization (IVF). We will be with you every step of the way to help create a loving family. While each patient is different, and your doctor can give you a more specific answer, here is what you can expect to hear based on some of our most common post-procedure questions

After the invitro procedure, how long until we can again have intercourse ?

While there is no definitive answer, most medical professionals recommend abstaining from sexual intercourse for up to three weeks after IVF. Alternatively, intercourse up to the night before the procedure is acceptable, and even recommended by some doctors that believe it helps increase the chances of conception.

Are there potential complications after the procedure?

About twenty percent of all pregnancies are lost, regardless of how they are conceived, so that is always a possibility. Additionally, a very small percentage (less than 1%) of IVF pregnancies result in what's called an ectopic pregnancy. This is where the eggs implants outside of the uterus. As with most medical procedures, bleeding and infection is a mild concern, as well as possible allergic reaction to any medications used. Your doctor will be able to give you a more complete list of what to look out for following the procedure.

Why choose a fertility clinic for artificial insemination?

There are many advantages to choosing the medical assistance and supervision of a fertility clinic over home insemination. A mother's health and safety is the number one concern of any fertility center. They have the tools and knowledge to ensure that sperm is properly tested to remove the risk of transferring sexually transmitted diseases. Without medical supervision, like in the case of home insemination, there is a chance of injury, which can cause even more problems with conception.

How long until I can resume my normal activities?

Most doctors agree that a patient that receives IVF should be sedentary for at least 24 hours after embryo placement, until regular activities should resume. As for especially strenuous activities, like jogging, swimming, etc - these should be avoided until pregnancy is confirmed.

Do I need special testing done later?

Regular prenatal care is essential for good health in both the mother and baby, but no special testing is needed for pregnancies from invitro fertilization. The Center for Fertility and Gynecology will ensure that you receive the best care following your procedure.

Will I experience pain afterwards?

Most women experience little or no pain at all during the procedure itself, but there are cases where some feel soreness in the vagina or lower stomach. Vaginal spotting is also common one or two days following.

For more complete answers to these and any question you may have about the IVF process, please contact us.