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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Medication: What Patients Need to Know

By Michael Vermesh on November 15, 2014

A woman taking fertility drugs via injectionWe at The Center for Fertility and Gynecology always take matters seriously whether they involve male infertility or female infertility. By treating each case carefully, we are able to meet the goals of as many patients as possible. This is particularly important with in vitro fertilization (IVF), a means of inseminating eggs in a lab setting to improve chances of pregnancy.

IVF is not the kind of procedure that you can go into without at least a little preparation. In fact, there are a number of steps that are recommended before proceeding with IVF treatments. However, one of the steps you can take is exploring the plethora of IVF medications available to you prior to your procedure.

Why are medications necessary for in vitro fertilization (IVF)?

Fertility drugs are a crucial part of the treatment process. These medications encourage the acceleration of vital processes to enable your body to go into IVF prepared for the procedure. Here are a few of the options typically available to IVF patients prior to their procedure.

Lupron and Synarel

To accelerate the production of healthy eggs, two types of treatments are available. Lupron is available as an injection and Synarel is available in nasal spray form. To determine which is best for you, consult your doctor.

Antagon and Cetrolide

To prevent early ovulation, Antagon and Cetrolide are injected just beneath the skin. These injections typically occur every three to four days.


An additional injection you can consider is referred to as a gonadotropin. These stimulate follicles that are known to contain healthy eggs, giving you a better chance of conceiving via IVF.

Pregnyl, Profasi and Novarel

Pregnyl, Profasi and Novarelare commonly prescribed to IVF patients to prepare the mature eggs for retrieval. To determine which is best for you, consult your doctor.


To assist with pre-embryo implantation, your doctor may prescribe medrol. This is a steroid hormone to prepare your body for the implanation that is typically taken daily for up to four days.


To ensure no unwanted bacteria is transmitted through the male partner’s sperm, your doctor may prescribe him a pill-based medication called doxycycline. This pill is often prescribed to females as well to reduce the risk of infection to the healthy eggs waiting to be fertilized.

Natural Progesterone

To supplement the amount of progesterone your body is producing, you can take natural progesterone to ensure the levels in your system are adequate immediately following egg retrieval.

Consult Your Fertility Specialist About Any Side Effects and Other Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns while you are taking your IVF medications, please consult your doctor. Still, these medications are designed to prepare your body for your upcoming IVF treatment and ultimately will help ensure that you are able to conceive successfully during and after your IVF treatment.

Learn More About Fertility Treatment Options

If you would like more information about various fertility drugs and how we can help you start the family that you have always wanted, be sure to contact our fertility specialists today. We will help you make the best choices possible with regard to your current needs and options out there.

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