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Assisted Hatching

By Michael Vermesh on November 15, 2012

Los Angeles Assisted HatchingThe Center for Fertility and Gynecology specializes in treatments to help you start the family you've always wanted. With a variety of treatment options and therapies available, our team can design a plan to help you get pregnant. When you visit us for an IVF treatment, ask our physicians about assisted hatching, or micromanipulation. Performed while the embryo is in the laboratory, assisted hatching is a procedure designed to thin the outer layer of the embryo, allowing it to break out or "hatch" more easily to increase the chances of pregnancy in some women.

How Does it Work?

Generally used for women whose eggs have a thicker shell and have been unsuccessful with standard IVF, assisted hatching may improve your chances of pregnancy. After the embryo has been in the lab for three days, a weak acid, or microlaser is used to thin out or create a hole in the embryo's outer layer. After being carefully cleaned, the embryo is placed back into the womb. Because the protective layer of the embryo will be affected, we often use antibiotics to prevent infection in the mother.

Improving Your Chances

Some of the patients at our Los Angeles fertility center have experienced higher pregnancy rates after the performance of assisted hatching. Studies show that older women tend to have a thickened zona pellucida (the outer layer of the embryo) and therefore benefit from this procedure. After many failed IVF treatments, a woman's embryo may lack sufficient energy to "hatch" naturally, making Los Angeles assisted hatching a viable treatment option.

Understanding the Risks

Research suggests that assisted hatching is no more likely to cause complications or abnormalities than traditional IVF. Because only the outer layer is changed, the embryo remains intact and unharmed. Approximately 1 percent of embryos are damaged during treatment, but the treatment is often avoided when only one embryo is available.


It is important to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vermesh so he can speak with you in detail about whether or not assisted hatching is right for you. In most cases, candidates for this procedure:

  • Are over 39 years old and using their own eggs

· Have experienced multiple failures with traditional IVF (three or more without a pregnancy)

  • Have a thicker zona pellucida
  • Have elevated FSH levels

As with each of our fertility treatments, we are committed to providing a comprehensive examination and consultation to ensure that assisted hatching will be safe and as effective as possible for you and your family. This appointment allows you to become informed and prepared for the treatment and gives you a chance to address your questions and concerns.

Learn More about Assisted Hatching

For our patients in Los Angeles, IVF and assisted hatching can improve your chance of a successful pregnancy. If you think you may be a candidate for assisted hatching and want to learn more about this revolutionary procedure, we urge you to contact the Center for Fertility and Gynecology today. Dr. Vermesh and his team of fertility experts can work with you to organize a plan that will give you and your partner a chance to build the family of your dreams.

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