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Tests Before IVF: Preparing for the Fertility Procedure

By Michael Vermesh on August 22, 2018

Speaking with a fertility doctorThe Center for Fertility and Gynecology offers a wide range of procedure to help couples and individuals start a family. Even with multiple procedures offered, the most popular fertility treatment is in vitro fertilizstion (IVF). IVF involves lab fertilization of an egg and optimally timed embryo transfer. This helps improve the overall chances of pregnancy.

Before IVF, the team at our Los Angeles, CA fertility center performed a number of tests on patients. Dr. Michael Vermesh and his team of fertility specialist would like to consider various tests perfumed before IVF and what role they play in improving the effectiveness of treatment.

Why Tests Are Essential Before IVF

Pre-IVF testing of various kinds is essential for a number of reasons. In simple terms, testing does the follows:

  • Establishes suitability for IVF
  • Identifies risk factors for patients
  • Allows fertility specialists to tailor the treatment to the patient

These are all precautionary measures, in essence, to maximize the potential for pregnancy and live birth.

Checking a Woman’s Reproductive System

Using x-rays, ultrasound, and the imaging technology, a fertility specialist can check the condition of a woman’s reproductive system. This can identify the cause of fertility issues and overall suitability for IVF. Fertility specialists can also determine if additional treatments are required or alternatives to IVF will be needed. Men can also have their reproductive system screened to identify potential male factor infertility.

Screenings for Infectious Disease

If a parent suffers from an infectious disease or any health conditions that could jeopardize the health of a baby, these can be identified during pre-IVF tests. These precautions are crucial for the long-term health of a baby as well as the initial success of the fertility treatment. If a disease or condition is identified that puts a child’s health at risk, your fertility specialist can go over other safer options for achieving your goals as a parent.

Blood Tests

Blood work is done before IVF to help fertility specialists measure hormone levels. This is an important part of determining what fertility medications to use during the IVF process and in what dosage. It also helps with timing the IVF procedure so that each phase has the greatest chance for success. Without blood work, timing can be thrown off, and a difference of a day really counts when it comes to IVF.

These blood tests are also important in the detection of diseases as well as determining blood compatibility between mother and father.

Semen Analysis

So many of the tests we’ve mentioned are focused on women, but men also undergo blood work as well as semen analysis as part of the pre-IVF process. Semen analysis can help identify issues with sperm count, sperm motility, sperm composition, and just overall sperm quality. These are all important parts of successful fertility treatment. Issues with sperm quality may require additional treatments.

Learn More About Fertility Treatment

For more information about IVF and whether or not it’s an ideal option for you, be sure to contact our team of fertility specialists. The Center for Fertility and Gynecology can also be contacted directly by calling (818) 881-9800. We are here to help you with your fertility goals.

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