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The Negative Effects of Cigarettes on Female Fertility

By Paula Hovell on February 15, 2016

A woman reading at homeThe Center for Fertility and Gynecology is a leading infertility treatment practice serving the greater Los Angeles area. We offer a whole host of infertility services and procedures to improve the chances of having a child.

Sometimes patients can adjust their lifestyles on their own to promote wellness and improve their chances of successful pregnancy. With that in mind, let's consider the effects of smoking on female fertility and why it's important to quit.

Smoking Leads to Many Different Health Issues

If you are a smoker or use any kind of tobacco products, this can have a negative impact on your overall health and wellness. Not only do tobacco products increase your risk of developing cancer, heart disease, and respiratory problems, smoking can also result in poor fertility for men as well as women. This is just another compelling reason to quit smoking or not start in the first place.

Let's explore how smoking leads to female infertility issues.

Problems with Eggs and Ovulation

Studies have shown the smoking can have a negative impact on a woman's egg quality and also cause issues with ovulation. Part of the reason for this is the way that smoking affects the release of hormones in the body, which leads to a number of problems with regard to pregnancy and fertility. Many individuals and couples who may be otherwise healthy often experience delays when trying to conceive naturally.

Risk of Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy refers to cases in which the egg is fertilized in the fallopian tubes rather than in the uterus. This can be quite painful. Smokers are roughly 5 times more likely to experience an ectopic pregnancy than non-smokers.

Negative Impacts on In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In addition to affecting you ability to conceive naturally, smoking has also been shown to affect the rates of success and effectiveness with regard to in vitro fertilization (IVF). Studies have shown that when women smoke while undergoing IVF, their chances of IVF failure increase a great deal.

Increased Chances of Miscarriage

Even if you do become pregnant, it should be noted that smoking can affect fetal health and proper development. Studies have shown that among all the tragic outcomes of smoking as you attempt to have a child, smokers are up to twice as likely to experience a miscarriage.

Kick the Habit and Potentially Boost Fertility

Given all of the dangers and difficulties noted above, it's important that women who would like to have a child quit smoking or avoid smoking completely. When trying to conceive naturally, it's equally important that men be non-smokers in order to avoid potential birth defects and improve the chances of success.

Speak with Your Physician for Help Quitting

Quitting is easier said than done for many people, which is why you should reach out to your general practitioner if you need assistance kicking the habit for good. There are plenty of resources out there to consider, so please keep this in mind.

Contact the Center for Fertility and Gynecology

For more information about treatments for male factor and female factor infertility, it's important that you contact our fertility treatment center today. The team at The Center for Fertility and Gynecology look forward to your visit and helping you start the family you have always wanted to have.

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