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Male Infertility


Male infertility is more common than ever, but The Center for Fertility and Gynecology doctors perform a number of treatments to help overcome infertility, no matter the source.

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Male infertility is much more common than we think, and when we talk about causes of infertility it’s almost 50/50. 50 percent of the time it’s female; and 50 percent it’s a male. Male infertility seems to be more common now days than before and there is some concern world wide there is an increase in male infertility. Nobody really knows the reasons. There is some concern that it has to do with environmental toxin, but we definitely see an increase in male infertility in the last decades or so. Causes of male infertility could be various. Some of them are genetics. Some of them have to do with anatomical defect, and some of them have to do with environmental or lifestyle. Most men don’t know there is a problem with their sperm. Most males that have infertility are actually very healthy guys who go to the gym everyday, they eat healthy, they look healthy, they’re young, or whatever age and they really don’t know that they have any problem with infertility. Most of the time, male infertility doesn’t give any signs other than infertility. One of the basic tests that we do for each couple that comes to us with single men with infertility is to do a semen analysis. And that’s the basic workup. The semen analysis give us a lot of information on the sperm. We look at the volume, the concentration, the motility, the quality, and then we have an idea of the fertility potential based on the semen analysis. Semen analysis is not the only test that can be done for evaluating male infertility. In fact, we know, based on our experience and scientific data that we have 10 percent or more of males that had completely normal sperm and still have abnormal fertilization, or what we call “male factor infertility”. In our center, we offer many more tests that are more sophisticated and specific in cases in which we think there are other causes of infertility that cannot be detected just by semen analysis. What we found what we call in male factor infertility; one of the first things we want to do is try to find the cause and correct it. And we do a full workup for the male that include history, blood work, imaging, referral to a urologist who specialize in infertility to try and find the underlying cause of the abnormal sperm. When the cause if found then we can correct it, that’s the first thing that needs to be done. In situation in which we have an abnormal sperm that cannot be corrected, we still have very efficient fertility treatment that can overcome most, if not all male infertility. Treatments that are available for male infertility goes anywhere from very simple procedures as intrauterine insemination in which we take the sperm, process it in the lab, improve it, and inject it inside the uterus with a simple procedure that feels like a pap smear. We also offer more sophisticated treatment, goes anywhere from ICSI, Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection to TSE, Testicular Sperm Extraction, it allow us to treat the most severe form of male infertility very successfully. We also offer some more natural fertility treatments that can include anti-oxidants or specific supplement that can improve the sperm and can allow it to increase the fertility in case of male factor. The positive aspect of male infertility is that despite being so common, with our technology and experience we can overcome most male fertility problems.

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