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The Center for Fertility and Gynecology has about an 80 percent success rate with egg donation treatment. The center's specialists understand the intricacies involved in helping you start a family with egg donation.

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Egg donation is one of the most successful fertility treatments. The success ranges anywhere between 50 to 70 percent, specifically for our center. Our success rate for the Egg Donation Center is close to 80 percent. The indication for the use of an egg donor is a situation in which we cannot do-- we cannot use the woman’s own eggs, and that could be because of age, because of egg quality or because there is no women in the relationship, like a single man, a homosexual relationship. One of the most important points of success with egg donation is really to make sure to choose a good egg donor. And this is where we come in place and that’s why it’s so important to work with the fertility center, a fertility specialist that are very familiar and experienced with egg donation. Egg donors could also be found through agencies that provide egg donors. An egg donor could also be a family member or a friend, and that is known as “direct egg donation”. The information on the egg donor is very extensive and goes from external characteristics to medical history to genetic history. We make sure to make a very thorough screening of the egg donor and that includes a pelvic exam, ultrasound, sexually transmitted diseases and any information we can get to guarantee a good outcome. The process of egg donation is overall a simple and short process that takes about a month from the time the egg donor is chosen. Probably the time that takes the most is really making the decision of moving into the egg donation which brings with it some grief and the decision of leading up to-- you know, one would decide to giving up their own eggs. Once the decision is made and we found the donor, the process is a quick one. Another big advantage of egg donation is that not only the high success rate of pregnancy, but most of the time out of one egg donation cycle, we have embryos that we can freeze so that frozen embryos can be used most of the time in the future, that particular couple or single would like to have more babies from the same egg donor. There are many differences between egg donation and adoption. Egg donation is a much more controlled process in which the parents or the single parent really know the genes where this baby comes from. They also experience the pregnancy; the legal aspect of it is much easier. The contract for egg donation is a very simple contract that is accomplished in less than an hour. It doesn’t bring all the complicity of the adoption. Adoption, unfortunately now-a-days can take a very long period of time and it’s open ended with the outcome that is not always predicted. While with egg donation there is a beginning and an end of the process and it’s actually accomplished very quickly and successfully.

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