Same Sex Couples


The Center for Fertility and Gynecology discusses the beauty of being able to help build families without gender, sexual orientation, or marital status biases.

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In this modern world, the term family has moved way beyond its traditional boundaries. And we're honored to work with anybody who yearns to become a parent. That does not depend on their gender, their sexual orientation, their marital status, their partner status. What we care about, and what our patients care about is the desire to become a parent. And as long as our patients come in with that desire, we are willing to help them. In female same sex couples, we are able to offer intrauterine insemination with either known or anonymous donor sperm. And this can be done with a natural ovulation or with medication that will provide greater than one egg to use. In addition, we can also provide in-vitro fertilization. And in in-vitro fertilization, we have the unique opportunity to utilize the eggs from one partner and the uterus from the other partner. And this provides this wonderful chance that both partners will have a biological connection to the child. These are just some of the opportunities-- some of the treatments that are available to female same sex couples. For male same sex couples, we can provide intrauterine insemination in a traditional surrogate. This would be a woman who is using her uterus and her eggs along with the patient's sperm; or we can provide in-vitro fertilization with one or both of the partner's sperm using donor ocytes and a gestational surrogate or another woman's uterus. We can then combine the ocytes of the donor, the sperm of the partner or partners, and the uterus of the surrogate, we're able to create a child that would then be parented by the couple.