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Tubal Reversal


When patients change their mind about starting a family, the Center for Fertility and Gynecology can perform a tubal reversal.

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The tubal reversal or tubal reanastomosis procedure is an elegant, effective procedure for a woman who has previously had a tubal ligation. The procedure is done through a very small incision, it's called a minilaparotomy. It's a small incision; it's made in the very lowest part of the abdomen. Through that incision, we are able to go into the abdomen, locate the area within the tubes that were previously blocked or ligated, open up those tubes, reattach them using precise surgical technique and once those tubes are reattached the woman will resume her natural fertility pretty much based and her chance for conceiving is no longer dependent upon her tubes, it's now dependent upon her natural fertility or pretty much based on her age. The actual procedure, from the time we open to close the abdomen is usually about 90 minutes. The entire procedure by the time the anesthesia is administered and the patient is then awakened, and taken back to the recovery room is usually about two hours, two hours and 15 minutes. Tubal reanastomosis actually is superior to in-vitro fertilization in some patients. Some of the reasons why it's better include the fact that it's a quick procedure that doesn't involve taking hormones. So in some ways it's more natural than IVF. It allows the patient to have more than one child. So, it's like the gift that keeps on giving. Once you have your tubes put back together, your fertility will resume its natural state. And so, you can get pregnant once, have a child and have another child after that. In addition, it's a bit more economical than IVF, especially when considering that it's a one-time procedure, you're in and out, and then you're back to your regular routine. While a lot of centers have lost the ability to do tubal reanastomosis, we're really proud of the fact that we can offer both IVF or tubal reanastomosis. And we can give the best procedure, the best option to each patient. We have over a 90 percent success rate at being able to reanastomose a woman's tubes. It's wonderful when our patients become pregnant after tubal reanastomosis, it's a different kind of gratification. Because when we perform a tubal reanastomosis, our relationship with the patient is not very long. They come in for a visit, there is a quick surgery, there's a quick post-op visit and the patient is on their way. So oftentimes, two, three months later, I'll get a call from the patient saying, "We're pregnant." And it's a wonderfully gratifying phone call. Additionally, a lot of our patients from tubal reanastomosis hear about us from all over the state and all over the country. So sometimes, I'll get emails, sometimes it'll be six months or a year later and I'll just get an email with a picture of a beautiful baby. And knowing that that came from a couple quick little stitches and precisely realigning the tubes is a pretty gratifying feeling.

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