PGD & Gender Selection


PGD, or preimplantation genetic diagnosis, assesses the condition of the embryo to understand any health conditions that may be present and can give parents some control over the gender of their baby.

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DR. MICHAEL VERMESH: PGD or Pre Implantation Genetic Diagnosis is a procedure designed to asses the well-being of the embryo and by extension of the future child. PGD is performed for a variety of reasons, most importantly for couples who are carriers of genetic diseases such as muscular dystrophy and so forth. We are able to look at the embryo at each cell in the embryo and decide which embryo will result in a healthy baby. In addition, it allows us to asses the gender of the embryo; thereby, allowing couples to desire family balancing of the desired gender of their child. People come to our office quite often asking for a specific gender. Some of them for family balance, others for medical reasons. There are some diseases that affect only male off springs. There are also cultural reasons why people prefer one gender over another. We find gender selection ethical, it has been considered ethical by our society and we will offer it to any couple for either medical reasons or for family balancing. The process included in in-vitro fertilization during which an embryo is obtained from an egg and a sperm, the embryo is allowed to grow to day three or to day five, at which time, we can remove a single cell if it's day three, or a group of cells, if it's day five and within one to two days, study thoroughly the genetic material contained within the cell. At the end of that period, we're able to asses or we're able to predict that the embryo is normal or not and the gender of that embryo. The accuracy of PGD approach is 100 percent. This recent development called PGD which has only been around for the past 10 years has allowed the prevention of horrendous diseases from being perpetuated in the next generation and practically eliminated for that particular family. Allowing gender selection has practically the lives of couples within certain group groups in which the gender is of utmost importance.