Novarel Instructions

  1. Necessary Materials:
    1. One 3cc syringe with attached needle (gray cap)
    2. One 25 gauge 1½ inch needle (blue cap)
    3. One bottle of HCG 10,000 units
    4. Sterile water
    5. Alcohol swabs
  2. Snap off the caps from the water and powder (medication) bottles.
  3. Turn water vial upside down and draw up 1cc of sterile water into the 3cc syringe with the attached needle. Discard remaining water vial.
  4. Inject the drawn up 1cc of water into the HCG powder bottle. Allow to dissolve Completely. DO NOT SHAKE the bottle. You can gently swirl the solution.
  5. Draw up the 1cc of water with the dissolved powder into the 3cc syringe with the attach needle.
  6. Change the gray cap (22 gauge) needle to the blue cap (25 gauge) needle.
  7. Expel air bubbles.
  8. Administer intramuscularly. If you need to be reminded, refer to the intramuscular injection instruction sheet.