Growth Hormones Instructions

Procedures For Using Growth Hormone (Saizen, Hemotropin, Numotropin) (1cc) 25G 1 ½ in. 27G ½ in.

Growth hormone is administered subcutaneously. The different available preparations may require different mixing instructions. We will review these with you in the office, as necessary.

Instructions for Omnitrope (Growth Hormone)

  1. Necessary Materials:
    1. One 3cc syringe with attached needle (gray cap)
    2. One 27-gauge ½ inch needle
    3. One bottle of Omnitrope 5.8 mg/vial
    4. Sterile water
    5. Alcohol Swab
  2. Snap off caps from the water and powder (medication bottle).
  3. Turn water vial upside down and draw up 1cc. of sterile water into the 3cc Syringe with the attached needle. Discard remaining water vial.
  4. Inject the drawn up 1cc of water into Omnitrope powder bottle, and allow dissolving.
  5. Draw out ½ cc of dissolved medication into the 3cc syringe with the attached needle.
  6. Change the gray cap (22 gauge) needle to the 27 gauge ½ inch.
  7. Expel air bubbles.
  8. Administer subcutaneous (as you do for the Lupron injection).
  9. Remaining dose needs to be placed in the refrigerator.