Gonal F Pen Instructions

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  1. Remove pen cap and wipe threaded tip with alcohol wipe. Press threaded tip of the pen into open end of outer needle cap. Twist pen clockwise until the needle is securely attached. Remove outer needle cap.
  2. Turn the dosage dial so your prescribed dosage dial is lined up with the black dose arrow. Recheck that correct dose on the dosage dial is lined up with back dose arrow before proceeding. If the dialed dose is too high or too low, reset before pulling the injection button.
  3. Load the dose by pulling out injection button as far as it will go. Find the last fully visible flat red arrow on the injection button. It confirms that dose that is loaded and ready to be injected. If loaded dose is lower than set dose, there is not enough drug to complete dose. Use a new Gonal F Pen to complete dose.
  4. With the needle pointing upward, carefully remove the needle cap from the syringe. Do not touch the needle or allow it to touch any surface. Keep material sterile.
  5. To remove any air bubbles, point the needle up and gently tap on the syringe until all the bubbles rise to the top.
  6. Push the plunger carefully until a small drop of liquid begins to appear from the needle.
  7. Hold the syringe in your dominant hand like a pen or pencil. Gently grasp a small fold of skin between your thumb and index finger at the selected injection site.
  8. Inject needle into skin at 90 degree angle and push injection button until it stops clicking. After the last click, keep the needle in the skin for at least 5 seconds. Remove the needle and apply pressure as needed with gauze pad.